Guitar Teachers

We believe that one of the best ways to learn guitar is to experience a wide variety of instruction. Below you will find our list of instructors and their collection of free and premium online guitar lessons. It's also a good idea to schedule some live in person instruction so you can benefit from immediate feedback and accountability. To find a guitar teacher near you, check out our Teacher Finder.

Peter Vogl

Peter Vogl's lessons cover beginning guitar, acoustic, blues, rock, country, and more. See his entire lesson list or check out the featured lessons below

Jody Worrell

Jody Worrell's lessons have now been viewed by millions of people. Learn how to play blues, rock, and country guitar. You can see his complete lesson list or watch some of the free lessons below.

Guy Fenocchi

Guy Fenocchi is our head jazz instructor and also covers blues guitar. You can see all of his lessons or take a look at the free videos below

Matthias Young

Matthias Young has developed our series of metal guitar lessons. Take a look at his full lesson list or watch a one of his featured videos.

Billy Wilkie

Billy Wilkie covers traditional jazz guitar for You can check out the free lessons below or look at his entire lesson list.

Roger Wilson

Roger Wilson has obtained a wealth of peformance and teaching experience over the years. Focusing on acoustic and electric blues you see his entire lesson catalog or view the free lessons featured below.


Michael Doke

Michael Doke handles the majority of our slide guitar lesson. These lessons are a great way to get started on a new approach to playing your guitar.

David Ellis

David Ellis is the most recent edition to our bluegrass instruction team. You can see his complete guitar lesson library or check out his dobro lessons.

Curtis Jones

Curtis Jones has developed a series of lessons covering flatpicking guitar breaks.