Southern Rock Guitar Solo

Southern Rock Guitar Solo by Jody Worrell is a free video lesson for electric guitar. You will learn a guitar solo designed to to capture the sound of the Marshall Tucker Band and Toy Caldwell, while still being playable by guitarists at most levels. Played over a backing track consising of D, C, and G chords, the solo starts with low end notes, moves on to double stop bends, and then uses a rhythmic motif as it builds to the finish. Watch the video for on-screen tab, note by note instruction, and to jam along with Jody. To learn more, check out our premium Marshall Tucker Style Solo lessons.

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Marshall Tucker SolosMarshall Tucker Style Solo 1 by Jody Worrell is a downloadable lesson that will teach you a guitar solo in the style of Marshall Tucker Band guitarist Toy Caldwell. This 16 bar solo in the key of D uses chord tones and arpeggios to clearly outline the chord changes in the backing track. Jody will provide note by note instruction on playing the solo with special emphasis on the more advanced techniques.

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