Intro to Octaves

Intro to Octaves by Jody Worrell is a Quicktime video lesson where we'll learn how to play some guitar licks that use octaves. An octave is the distance between a given note and the next higher or lower note of the same name. In these licks we'll produce a unique sound by playing a note and an octave note at the same time. We'll then play these licks over a rhythm track with a funky groove. The download includes an .mp3 jam track and a .pdf of the tabs. $4.99

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Code: RG18
Genre: Rock
Length: 32 minutes
Size: 143.6 mb

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More Octave Licks

More Octave Licks by Jody Worrell is a follow up to our first lesson on Octave Licks. This downloadable Quicktime video lesson will show you licks covering several different octave fingerings and positions. For each lick we'll discuss proper technique and music theory and then practice playing the lick over a rhythm track. Also included in the download is a .pdf with the tabs for the lesson.

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Code: RG29
Genre: Rock
Length: 23 minutes
Size: 134.7 mb
Price: $4.99

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