Octaves Primer

Octaves Primer is a free rock guitar video lesson by Jody Worrell where we'll discuss the two main shapes for playing octaves. An octave is when you play a note along with the next higher or lower note of the same name. In our first octave position we'll skip one string in between notes. In the second position we skip two strings. For more on this concept check out Jody's Intro to Octaves and More Octave Licks lessons.

guitar octaves

Here is our first shape for playing an octave.

octave guitar shape

Here is the tab for octave where we skip two strings in between notes.

guitar octave tab

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intro to octaves lessonIntro to Octaves by Jody Worrell is a Quicktime video lesson where we'll learn how to play some guitar licks that use octaves. An octave is the distance between a given note and the next higher or lower note of the same name. In these licks we'll produce a unique sound by playing a note and an octave note at the same time. We'll then play these licks over a funky groove jam track. $4.99

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