Speed Bursts

Speed Bursts by Matthias Young is a free guitar lesson designed to help anyone who is having trouble connecting long streams of fast notes together. Matthias will show you some chromatic guitar riffs that feature small groups of notes that are played together quickly. We'll start with riffs that remain on one string and work up to crossing strings. To learn more riffs and techniques like this, check out Matthias' Metal Guitar Method.

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metal guitar speed exercises

metal guitar speed exercises 2

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Metal Guitar MethodMetal Guitar Method by Matthias Young guides the beginning student on a journey through the art and technique of metal guitar. This comprehensive downloadable method starts with the basics like proper playing position and reading tab and then progresses to power chords, playing scales, sweep picking, drop tuning, and finger tapping. Through the course of learning to play 24 original songs, Matthias will teach you the concepts and techniques that every metal guitar god uses. The download includes an 96 page PDF book, 175 minutes of video instruction, and 74 .mp3 backing tracks. $19.95

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