Metal Guitar Lessons

Metal Guitar Lessons by Matthias Young. Below you will find our collection of metal guitar lessons. Our free online lessons are typically 5-10 minutes long and are designed to provide a brief overview of a metal guitar technique or concept. Our premium lessons are downloaded to your computer and are longer in length. Using video, tabs, and backing tracks, we'll cover topics more in depth and teach you about soloing, rhythm playing, and other tips to play like the pros. So choose the lesson that interests you and start learning to play metal right now!

Featured Free Metal Lesson

Power Metal Anthem by Matthias Young is a free guitar lesson that will teach you a rhythm part for a fast power metal anthem. This original arrangement combines a single note riff along with power chords. Matthias will take you note by note through the song and explain techniques like alternate picking and left hand position shifting. Practice along with the video, tab, and jam track on the lesson page to work on your timing.