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The following video lessons will teach you mandolin scales, how to play a lead break or solo on a mandolin, theory concepts, and how to improvise. Our free lesson videos are 5-8 minutes and will teach you some basic mandolin scales and some concepts about improvising. Our Premium videos average 15-20 minutes and take a more in depth look at how to improvise and other mandolin lead concepts.

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Mandolin Improvisation Basics Package is a collection of downloadable lessons on improvising by Brad Laird. This course will teach you how to use pentatonic scales to solo over major & minor chords, add blues notes for more exciting solos, and play licks and solos in new keys. Brad will explain each of these concepts in detail and then demonstrate it along with a backing track. Each of the lessons includes a Quicktime video, .mp3 jam tracks, and a .pdf of the tab. The included lessons are Pentatonic Improv Basics, Pentatonic Improvisation 2, Pentatonic Improvisation 3, Turnarounds, More Turnarounds, and Moveable Blues Licks. This package contains 143 minutes of video instruction. $29.95

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