Turnaround Lick in D

Turnaround Lick in D is a free video lesson by Brad Laird where you'll learn how to play a fun and useful mandolin lick in the key of D. In bluegrass, "turnarounds" are most often used as mini-solos or instrumental fills between the verses of songs. Because turnarounds are fairly short they are easier to learn than entire songs. You'll find lots of uses for turnarounds playing in jam sessions and as a way to begin to play lead. For 10 more turnaround licks in 5 different keys take a look at Brad's premium lessons: Turnarounds and More Turnarounds.

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Turnarounds by Brad Laird is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson that will teach you how to play a series of mandolin licks. We'll learn licks in five different keys that can be used as kickoffs, as part of a solo, or as a turnaround between verses. This lesson is a good way to expand your knowledge of other keys on the mandolin. We've included a .pdf of the tab for the lessons and .mp3 jam tracks so you can practice these new ideas.

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