Let's Jam Funk & Blues

funk jam tracksLet’s Jam! Funk & Blues Digital Download by Peter Vogl is a collection of 10 high quality jam track MP3s. These tracks were recorded “live” by top studio musicians and give the impression of jamming along with a real band. The download contains extended jams (3 to 4 minutes) covering several different styles and tempos of funk. These tracks can be used to improve soloing and improvisation skills for guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, saxophone, and vocals. The download features 10 .mp3s and a .pdf booklet containing the chord charts, progression, and a sample scale for each song. There is no video information contained in this download. Listen to the sample track Crazy Cool in E and view a sample page from booklet.

We also have an .mp3 with samples from every track. Listen

Code: LJFD
Genre: Funk
Tracks: 10
Size: 90 mb
Price: $9.95

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Track List: Tuning, Girl Walk'n in C, Crazy Cool in E, Funky Momma in Am, Camo Funk in Bbm, Fine & Funky in C, Funky Legs in Em, Old School Funk in D, Fast Walk'n in A, Funky Groove in E, Dark Skies in Am

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