Bluegrass Jam! Vol. 3

guitar lesson downloadBluegrass Jam! Vol. 3 Digital Download by Curtis Jones is a collection of 34 high quality jam track MP3s that will allow you to practice your lead parts along with some Bluegrass classics. Each song is played at different speeds and sometimes in different keys. The included songs are Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Old Home Place, Cripple Creek, Amazing Grace, Boil Them Cabbage Down, Banks of the Ohio, Bill Cheatum, Soldier's Joy, and Bury Me Beneath the Willow. The tracks feature a guitar, mandolin, and bass playing a rhythmic bluegrass style that provides a nice background for your to work on your lead parts for a variety of instruments or singing. Also included in the download is a .pdf booklet that provides the chord progressions for each song. There is no video information contained in this download. Listen to the sample track Cripple Creek and view a sample page from booklet.

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Code: LJB3D
Genre: Bluegrass
Tracks: 34
Size: 80 mb
Price: $9.95

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Track List

  • Cripple Creek (60, 75, 85 bpm)
  • Amazing Grace in G (80, 95 bpm)
  • Amazing Grace in C (80, 95 bpm)
  • Foggy Mountain Breakdown (60, 80, 100 bpm)
  • Boil Them Cabbage Down (65, 80, 90 bpm)
  • Banks of the Ohio in G (60, 70, 80 bpm)
  • Banks of the Ohio in C (60, 70, 80 bpm)
  • Old Home Place (60, 75, 90 bpm)
  • Blue Ridge Cabin Home (50, 60, 80 bpm)
  • Bill Cheatum (60, 75, 90 bpm)
  • Soldier's Joy (50, 60, 80 bpm)
  • Bury Me Beneath the Willow (60, 70, 90 bpm)