Let's Jam Blues & Rock Video Download

Let's Jam Blues & Rock Video Download by Peter Vogl is a video playalong to nine tracks from Let's Jam! Blues & Rock. In this downloadable Quicktime video Peter plays the chord progressions to each of the songs as well as a "bouncing ball" type graphic appearing on the screen indicating the chord changes. If you are having trouble hearing the chord changes as you practice along with the tracks, this is the product for you. This will help you progress from playing the same pentatonic scale over the whole song to playing specific lines over each chord. For more on this, watch Jody Worrell's free lesson on soloing concepts.

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Songs featured: (Track 3) G Shuffle, (4) Am Blues, (5) Slow Blues in G, (8) Jazz Blues, (9) C Blues, (11) Bm Jam, (12) Am G F E, (14) Old Rock in A, (15) Rock Song in E

Code: LJ1V
Genre: Blues & Rock
Length: 36 minutes
Size: 144.2 mb
Price: $9.95

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