Let's Jam! More Blues & Rock

let's jam more blues and rockLet’s Jam! More Blues & Rock Digital Download by Peter Vogl is a collection of high quality jam track mp3s featuring even more blues and rock tunes. Recorded live by top studio musicians, all songs are 3 to 4 minutes long and in a wide variety of keys, speeds, and grooves in the blues & rock genres. It also includes a 16 page .pdf booklet showing chord progressions and helpful soloing tips. It’s great as a practice tool to improve soloing and improvisation skills for any instrument. There is no video information contained in this download. View the full track list and listen to a sample track below. $9.95

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Code: LJ1AD
Genre: Blues & Rock
Tracks: 16
Size: 79 mb

This product is also available as an Audio CD.

Track List: Tuning, Walk'n in A, Not Too Excited, Old Style in D, Simple Blues in G, Blues Ballad in Eb, E Bluesy Rock, Gm Blues, Blues in Bb, Am Strut, Big Blues in G, Dm Turns, Hyper Blues in E, House Blues in B, Blues Ballad in F, D Rock Groove. Sample page from the booklet

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