Let's Jam! Blues & Rock

let's jam blues & rockLet’s Jam! Blues & Rock Digital Download by Peter Vogl is a collection of 16 high quality jam track MP3s. These tracks were recorded “live” by top studio musicians and give the impression of jamming along with a real band. The download contains extended jams (3 to 4 minutes) in a wide variety of keys and grooves, allowing you to practice any style. Use this exciting and fun tool to improve soloing and improvisation skills for guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, saxophone, and vocals. The download features 16 .mp3s and a .pdf booklet containing the chord progressions for each song and suggestions on scales that can be used to play along. There is no video information contained in this download. View the full track list and listen to a sample track below. $9.95

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Code: LJ1D
Genre: Blues & Rock
Tracks: 16
Size: 76.6 mb

This product is also available as an Audio CD.

Track List: Tuning, F Blues, G Shuffle, Am Blues, Slow Blues in G, Bb Blues, E Blues, Jazz Blues, C Blues, Funk in E, Bm Jam, Am G F E Rock, D Cadd9 G Tune, Old Rock in A, Rock Song in E, Rock Song in A, Grunge in D. Sample page from the booklet

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Supplemental Information

The following supplemental video lessons are available for free on our site (not included in the download or CD). They are designed to give you further info on some ideas you can use to play over the rhythm tracks from this collection.

Track 2 - F Blues: F Blues Licks

Track 3 - G Shuffle: G Shuffle Licks

Track 4 - Am Blues: Am Pentatonic Licks, A Natural Minor Licks, Blues Note Riffs

Track 10 - Funk in E: E Funk Licks, More Tapping, E Pentatonic Licks

Track 11 - Bm Jam: Bm Jam Rhythm, Bebop Licks

Track 12 - Am, G, F, E Rock: Am G F E Rhythm

Track 13 - D Cadd9 G Tune: D Cadd9 G Licks

Track 14 - Old Rock in A: Old Rock Licks

Track 15 - Rock Song in E: Intro to Tapping, Whammy Bar Tricks, Tricks & Sounds