Country Guitar Lessons

Below you will find the collection of country guitar lessons. These lessons cover everything from acoustic rhythm to chicken pickin' and other electric soloing ideas. Our free lessons are designed to introduce you to a country technique or concept. For more detailed instruction, you can check out our premium lessons which are longer in length and downloadable. Choose a lesson that interests you and learn how to play country guitar today!

Featured Lesson

Vince Gill Style Lick is a free country guitar lesson by Jody Worrell. Vince Gill has a knack for bringing a melodic approach to soloing as well as superb technique. The lick will follow the changes of the backing track from an A7 to E7 chord to add some melody. For technique, you'll learn a complicated series of bends. Pre-bends involve bending the string silently and then striking and releasing the bend. We'll also play bends and regularly fretted notes at the same time to create a classic twangy sound. Jody will teach you how to play the lick in detail and then demonstrate it along with the rhythm track. To learn more, check out Jody's Country Solos premium lesson package.