Bluegrass Guitar Lessons

Bluegrass and Flatpicking Guitar video lessons presented by Watch & Learn. Learn how to play the techniques, scales, and songs that have helped Bluegrass remain a cherished form of acoustic music. Below you will find our series of free bluegrass guitar lessons that will teach you essential concepts and techniques. For longer more indepth lessons you can purchase our premium lessons. These video lessons include tab and can be downloaded to your computer and watched at your convenience. We hope you enjoy the site and learn some tips for flatpicking guitar.

Featured Free Bluegrass Lesson

Flatpicking Lead-In Runs by David Ellis is a free video lesson for bluegrass guitar. We will learn seven different beginner level runs to use while switching chords. David will provide note by note instruction on playing these licks that will help you switch from the D chord to G chord, G to C, G to D, and C to D. These bass note runs are an integral part of bluegrass rhythm guitar. Click here to get the tab for these licks.

flatpicking lead in runs