Country Licks & Solos Book with DVD

Country Licks & Solos Book DVDThe Country Licks & Solos Book with DVD and Audio CD by Peter Vogl is an electric guitar course that will teach you how to play lead over a country progression. You will learn twelve country guitar solos that will be played over six different jam tracks (2 solos per track). Peter will start by showing you the scales that were used to create each solo. He will then break the solo down into licks, and provide detailed instruction on how to play each one. Next we'll practice the whole solo at a slow tempo before playing it along with a jam track at performance speed. These solos feature fast hammer-ons and pull-offs, double stops, twangy bends, and other techniques that help give country guitar it's unique sound. Working through this course will increase your understanding of music theory, expand your lick vocabulary, and help you play in rhythm and in context of a full band. View sample video clips and pages below. $19.95

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Code: CLS
Length: 50 pages, Video: 107 minutes, Audio: 25 minutes
Level: Intermediate and Up

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