How to Play a Slow Blues Guitar Turnaround

Slow Blues Turnaround is our new free guitar lesson by Jody Worrell. You will learn how to play a turnaround lick over a slow blues progression in D. At this slower tempo, it’s important to make sure that your note choices are interesting and your technique is spot on. Jody will take you step by step through each of those decisions and you’ll end up learning how to play a tasty lick. Watch the video and follow along with the on-screen tab and practice along with the jam track.

Play Guitar Like Carlos Santana

Our new free lesson will teach you how to play a guitar lick inspired by the great Carlos Santana. Using a technique called a unison bend, we’re able to create a unique sound that can add a lot of energy to a solo. Jody Worrell will teach you how to play this lick with step by step instruction. Refer to the on-screen tab to get down the basics and then practice along with Jody and the backing track.

Learn to Play Melodic Guitar Licks

Melodic Rock Licks is our newest free lesson by Jody Worrell. In the video, Jody will teach you five different licks that follow the chord changes of the backing track. These concepts might help you get out of the rut of just playing pentatonic notes over and over. For each lick, Jody will provide step by step instruction making sure you understand how to play it correctly. Next you can work on timing and creating a performance atmosphere by trading the lick back and forth with Jody against the track. Click here to get the printable tab and downloadable jam track for this lesson.

Pink Floyd Guitar Lick Lesson

Our new free lesson will teach you a guitar lick in the style of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. In the video, Jody Worrell will take you step by step through this lick that includes some soaring bends. After you’ve got the lick down, try trading it back and forth with jody against the jam track. This is a great way to work on timing and recreate a performance atmosphere.

12 Bar Blues Guitar Chord Progression

Our new free lesson will teach you how to play one of the most important guitar chord progressions ever. The 12 Bar Blues format has obviously been important to blues music, but it’s effect has also been seen in rock, bluegrass, and other genres. In this video, Jody Worrell will guide the beginning blues guitarists through the chords used in this progression and strumming techniques. Getting the correct rhythm and feel down is integral to developing a great blues sound.