Work on Your Country Guitar Bends

Our new free lesson by Jody Worrell will show you a lick with some precise bending techniques. Being able to mute strings and control the sound is an integral part of creating the classic clean country tone. This Bending Country Lick is played over a backing track of A7-E7-A7. Jody will teach you how to play the lick and then trade it back and forth with you against the rhythm track.

Review: Pro Metronome App for iOS and Android

iphone-metronomeThere are hundreds, if not thousands of metronome apps available, and I’ve used quite a few. However, I’ve found one that stands out from the crowd—Pro Metronome by EUMLab. As with most metronomes, there’s a jog wheel and a tap tempo, but this one has a very cool feature (that I’m surprised others do not)—a numeric keypad for tempo. It’s available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices as a free app with an in app purchase for a pro version.

While the paid version ($2.99) unlocks all of the features, the free version has all of the basics of any metronome app, and a few more, such as adjusting accents on each beat. I really do recommend paying the three bucks for this app. Remember when metronomes cost ten times the price?


  • Lots of subdivisions, plus polyrhythms!
  • 13 different tones, including voice; but most importantly—cowbell!
  • Control dynamics for each beat
  • Tap tempo
  • Practice timer
  • App works in the background
  • Use in portrait or landscape mode, and combine with AirPlay for large-screen viewing
  • Visual modes for beats, including colored downbeat accents and pendulum mode
  • Audio can be routed directly into GarageBand
  • Create custom playlists


  • None.

Overall, this is the best metronome app I’ve used, and I recommend both the free and paid versions.

To learn more about playing guitar, check out our Free Guitar Videos app for iOS and Android.

Learn How to Play Swing Blues

Our new free blues guitar lesson by Jody Worrell will teach you how to play a lick with a swinging feel to it. In the video, Jody will show you how you can take a standard blues lick and substitute a slide for a bend. When you add in some tempo and note choices, you end up with a jazzy, swinging lick. It’s a different sound to add to your arsenal

Blues Swing Lick