Win a Les Paul Custom Guitar & More Giveaways

Epiphone-GiveawayNeed some new music gear for either the studio or stage? Now’s your chance to win by entering these awesome giveaways!

Win a Signed Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom!

The Ltd. Ed. Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom is one of the most versatile guitars on the market featuring a unique pickup combination of a Gibson P-94 single coil pickup in the rhythm position and a Gibson 84T-LM™ humbucker with coil tapping in the bridge position. Lee’s design features a Walnut color finish along with gold hardware including Epiphone straplocks, and a classic “Artisan” floral pattern in pearloid.!.aspx

Disc Makers, Backstage, & Taylor Guitar Giveaway

  • Taylor 214ce SB DLX Acoustic Guitar ($1,598 value)
  • Taylor Hard Guitar Bag ($150 value)
  • Taylor Guitar Stand ($70 value)
  • Taylor Guitar Strap ($48 value)
  • Taylor Guitars T-Shirt ($24 value)
  • 500 CDs in 2-Panel Digipaks w/ 4/1 insert
    in pocket ($1,175 value)
  • Mega Distribution Bundle ($59 value)

Win an Epiphone “1939” Century Amp and a Production/Distribution Package from Disc Makers/Backstage!

  • CD Production Package – 300 CDs in Four-Panel Digipacks (Value: $795)
  • Digital Distribution Package – Music is distributed to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. (Value: $59)
  • Epiphone Guitar Amp – Limited Edition Inspired by “1939” Century amplifier with foot pedal (Value: $714)

Win a Premium Ribbon Mic or Headphones from Shure!

KSM313 Ribbon Mic:

  • KSM313 dual-voice ribbon mic with rugged Roswellite ribbon
  • Perfect for loud sources, with SPL handling up to 146dB
  • Can sound bright and forward, or warm and rich

SRH1540 Studio Headphones:

  • “Speaker-like” monitoring with spacious soundstaging
  • Closed-back design is perfect for tracking in your studio
  • Extremely comfortable, even through long sessions

Win a Gibson Dave Grohl ES-335

zZounds-GiveawayzZounds is offering a guitar giveaway in which you can win an autographed Gibson Dave Grohl ES-335 electric guitar.

From zZounds:

A force in rock for over 20 years now, Dave Grohl is showing no signs of stopping. After he joined Nirvana behind the drum kit in 1990, the group went on to achieve multi-platinum international success with their final two full-length albums. Following Nirvana’s tragic dissolution, Grohl founded the Foo Fighters, switching to guitar and lead vocals. Quickly establishing themselves as a powerhouse, the band has produced eight full-length albums over the past 20 years. Between time with the Foos, Grohl played drums with rock “supergroup” Them Crooked Vultures, wrote and performed songs for heavy metal side project Probot, and even found time to play drums on a few Queens of the Stone Age records, among several other projects.

Prize: Gibson Dave Grohl ES-335 (about $7,000 value)

Contest Ends: February 27, 2015

Open To: 21+ legal U.S. residents

How To Enter: Fill out the Entry Form

Is the End of Guitar Center Coming?

Guitar-Center-Out-of-BusinessGuitar Center, the retail giant of the music industry, is struggling. At least they are according to Eric Garland. In his most recent article, Garland explores the history of the company and his observations for why Guitar Center will fail.

Guitar Center is finished. Now the musical instrument industry can get back to business.

Guitar Center’s debt is huge, and the company has seen vast mismanagement which has created a downward spiral that is bordering on bankruptcy.

What does this mean for the future of the music retail industry? We’ll have to wait and see. But Guitar Center’s time is coming to a close, and I look forward to seeing the change in the market.

But what about all of their employees?

That’s thousands of lost jobs. Surely that can’t be a positive note for the market, right? Guitar Center’s turnover rate is so high to begin with, that closing their doors really won’t affect their current employees all that much.

But it’s Guitar Center! Isn’t it fun to work there?

Fun? Perhaps sometimes. But it’s a corporate retail environment with nothing but the bottom line as it’s focus. It’s a tyrant that cares nothing for its employees or customers. How do I know this? Because like so many musicians, I’ve worked there. I’ve experienced first hand the evil that men do (see what I did there?). They used strategies to pay workers as little as possible. Though legal, these means were highly unethical.

I may be biased, but the numbers don’t lie. Guitar Center is doomed, and I look forward to seeing what the music industry will do once the giant is gone.

Win a PRS SE Custom 24 7-String Guitar

Guitar-World-ContestGuitar World and Periphery are offering a guitar giveaway in which you can win a PRS SE Custom 24 7-String Guitar.

Prize: PRS SE Custom 24 7-String guitar and a copy of Juggernaut Alpha and Juggernaut Omega

Contest Ends: March 1, 2015

Open To: 18+ legal U.S. and Canadian residents

How To Enter: Fill out the Entry Form

Guitar Patent Posters


It’s a simple idea. Take the drawings from the original patents for famous guitars and recreate them as forms of art. Fine Art America has a wide variety of guitar patent posters to choose from and they seem to be made by different artists. There is also an Etsy shop called Patent Prints that has t-shirts in addition to posters. Going one step further, features designs that include more of the text that accompanied the original patents.

Not a bad way to add some style to your guitar practice area. Plus it’s a lot cheaper than buying a whole wall’s worth of guitars.