Concert Review: SoloDuo

SoloDuo-Web-ImageOn Sunday, November 9th, seated in the midst of guitar aficionados within the circa-1900 Victor Hugo Kriegshaber house, the scene was set for a 19th-century parlor-style concert with two of the best guitarists in the world—Matteo Mela and Lorenzo Micheli.

From the Baroque sonatas of Scarlatti through 20th-Century Jolivet, SoloDuo displayed a truly virtuosic performance from the very first note.

As one of the main battles for guitarists is achieving pristine tone, Matteo and Lorenzo blended perfectly. One needed only to close their eyes, and the two guitars sounded as if they were one. The blending of sound between the two guitars was also quite remarkable as Lorenzo’s was a spruce top, while Matteo’s was Cedar.

To top off this spectacular performance, the basement of this historical house is home to the Wrecking Bar Brew Pub, which serves both amazing beer and food.

wreckingbarFeaturing a combination of stone and dark-stained wood, it provides the perfect “pub” atmosphere for those wanting good beer and good conversation. On a personal note, the pairing of their Jemmy Dean Breakfast Stout with their Wrecking Bar Burger was quite delicious.

Learn more about SoloDuo here, and download their latest album in iTunes.

Win the Ultimate Recording Gear Package

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Review: Guitar Tuna App (Tuner & Metronome)

TunerGuitarTuna is a free app for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android that’s designed for tuning your guitar and other stringed instruments.

At first glance, the main thing that differentiates this from other apps is the interface. It’s laid out as a 3+3 headstock, which can be very helpful for a beginner with an an acoustic guitar. Each of the “tuning machines” are labeled with the letter name of the string. In the upper left corner, there is a settings button where the string orientation can even be switched from right to left handed.

The AUTO function allows you to simply play a string on your instrument, and the corresponding string in the app will oscillate and become highlighted. For beginning players who have not established a great sense of pitch, the display even reads “too low” or “too high.”

AUTO mode can be turned off and the individual “tuning machines” tapped to sound a string tone.

Alternate tunings and different instruments are available via in-app purchases.

The Metronome speed can be adjusted either by Tap tempo, rotary dial, or +/- buttons. The speed ranges from 30-240 BPM. Different time signatures are available from a drop-down menu. Depending on the time signature, lighted subdivisions will activate at the bottom of the screen.


Also included with the app are several games for learning chords and ear training, which is another useful tool for beginners.


  • Easy to use
  • Visual display is great for beginners
  • Includes metronome and games


  • No chromatic mode
  • Cannot change A440 reference
  • display is only visual, does not display fine tuning in cents
  • In-app purchases a bit pricey

Overall, this is a basic, easy-to-use guitar tuner. But with all non-chromatic guitar tuners, if your guitar is already way out of tune, it can be difficult for the tuner to recognize the correct strings. The included metronome and games add great value to the free app, though the tuner is limited in the free version.

To learn more about playing guitar, check out our Free Guitar Videos app for iOS and Android.

The Best Guitar Related Pumpkin Carvings

Why do a traditional Jack-O-Lantern when you can carve Jimi Hendrix or a Gibson headstock right into a giant gourd? We scoured the internet to find the best pumpkin carvings featuring guitarists and guitars. Some people have used stencils and expensive kits and others just free wheeled using their own artistic abilities. Hopefully next year I’ll start carving a Les Paul pumpkin early in October instead of thinking of it the night before.

Eddie Van Halen (via Van Halen News Desk)


Jimi Hendrix (from Youtube)


Stevie Ray Vaughan (via The Blue Bisquit)


Fender Logo (Flickr user mcmrbt


Gibson Guitars (source)


Randy Rhoads (photo: Norbini on Flickr Pattern: Stoney Kins