Beginner Strumming Exercises by Peter Vogl

Beginning guitarists often struggle with playing different strum patterns and keeping them in time. In our new practice session, Peter Vogl will show you some rhythm changing drills for strumming that will help you improve. These drills will move between different sub-divisions of the beat (quarter notes, eighths, sixteenths, triplets). These are the same type of changes in rhythm that you will encounter as you start learning more exotic strum patterns. Practice along with the video until you get the hang of things and then speed things up with the follow-up session.

Learn Famous Guitar Licks by Clapton, the Eagles, and more

Jody Worrell’s new premium lesson, Famous Licks, will teach you how to play some of the most important rock guitar licks of all time. You will learn the main line from Eric Clapton’s Layla and Sunshine of Your Love. We’ll also work on the Eagles’ Life in the Fast Lane and Already Gone. We’ll then round things out with Aerosmith’s Walk this Way and Pink Floyd’s Money.

Jody will teach you how to play each lick in detail and then touch on some tone ideas to help you recreate the sound. You can work on these licks as part of your independent practice or show them off to friends.


Learn Famous Guitar Strum Patterns

Our new free lesson, Famous Strum Patterns 2, will teach you how to play the strum patterns and chord progressions of four popular songs. We’ll start with Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones. This is a classic acoustic guitar ballad and should be pretty straightforward for you to play. Next, we’ll get a little funkier with the rhythmic strumming of Sitting, Wishing, Waiting by Jack Johnson. Tequila Sunrise by the Eagles will incorporate a Spanish flair in the strum pattern. Finally, we’ll learn a country strum to go with Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves.

Once you feel comfortable playing along with the video, try applying these strum patterns to your original chord progressions. You can also check out lesson 1 to learn four more songs.

Work on Your Country Guitar Bends

Our new free lesson by Jody Worrell will show you a lick with some precise bending techniques. Being able to mute strings and control the sound is an integral part of creating the classic clean country tone. This Bending Country Lick is played over a backing track of A7-E7-A7. Jody will teach you how to play the lick and then trade it back and forth with you against the rhythm track.

Learn How to Play Swing Blues

Our new free blues guitar lesson by Jody Worrell will teach you how to play a lick with a swinging feel to it. In the video, Jody will show you how you can take a standard blues lick and substitute a slide for a bend. When you add in some tempo and note choices, you end up with a jazzy, swinging lick. It’s a different sound to add to your arsenal

Blues Swing Lick