Learn How to Practice a Beginner Guitar Chord Progression

We have three new guitar practice sessions that will teach the beginner how to go about learning a new chord progression. By breaking the progression down into isolated sections, you can make the whole process easier to learn. The progression you will learn features the D, Cadd9, and G chords.

In the first session, you will learn how to play the chords and change between them. The second video will cover making the chord changes in time. We’ll start with playing the chords for two beats, resting for two beats while you switch to the next chord, and then playing the new chord for two beats. As you practice along with the video, Peter will slowly speed things up until you are playing four beats per measure and making the changes in-between beats. Finally, in our last practice session we will add a strum pattern.

This is a detailed practice routine that you can apply to any new chord progression you want to tackle. Work on the chords, changes, and strum pattern separately before you try to put everything together. This will help you to isolate any problems you may be having.

Guitar Chord Progression

Deep Purple – Burn – Opening Lick Guitar Tab

This new video lesson by Matthias Young will teach you how to play the opening guitar lick to Burn by Deep Purple. The riff features some tricky pull-offs but is a ton of fun to play. Matthias will take you note by note through playing the lick and will then demonstrate along with a jam track. Watch the on-screen tab to get the hang of things. Check out our Ritchie Blackmore Style premium lessons to learn more.

How to Play a Slow Blues Guitar Turnaround

Slow Blues Turnaround is our new free guitar lesson by Jody Worrell. You will learn how to play a turnaround lick over a slow blues progression in D. At this slower tempo, it’s important to make sure that your note choices are interesting and your technique is spot on. Jody will take you step by step through each of those decisions and you’ll end up learning how to play a tasty lick. Watch the video and follow along with the on-screen tab and practice along with the jam track.

Bm Triads Practice Session for Guitar

Our new guitar practice session, Bm Up & Down the Neck, will teach you how to play a Bm triad at 8 different positions on the neck. Working through this video regularly with Peter will allow you to accomplish two main goals. From a technical side, you’ll be able to work on position shifting and learning your guitar neck better. From a playing standpoint, these triads can be used in a rhythm setting to accompany another guitarist or you can sprinkle them into your solos for variety. Either way, this is a great practice guide that should get your left hand moving all over the place.

Bm Guitar Triads Lesson

How to Write Acoustic Guitar Solos Book

Our Creating Acoustic Solos lesson package is now available as a Book and 2 DVDs.  This six lesson course by Peter Vogl will show you an approach to writing your own guitar solos.  We’ll start with the basics like using scales and chord tones to create a solo that is in key.  Next, we’ll start learning more advanced techniques like double stops and hammer-ons while also adding concepts like arpeggios and chromatic tones.  Each lesson features a progressively harder solo. These solos can be played on their own or linked together for a long and challenging effort.  Click here to watch a preview.