Learn a Country Lick Using Ringing Notes

Our new free lesson will teach you how to play a Cascading Country Guitar Lick. This original lick by Jody Worrell uses a series of ringing notes to create a textbook country sound. Jody will guide you through playing the lick with note by note instruction. You have several options when it comes to right hand technique. You can use just a pick, hybrid picking, or go with just fingers. After you learn the lick and get the tone you want, we’ll practice against the jam track to work on timing.

Learn to Play Like Albert King

Our Albert King Style Lick is a new free lesson that will teach you a guitar lick in the style of a blues legend. Albert’s bends were his calling card and we’ll tackle a few in the middle of this fun lick. Jody will walk you note by note through the lick explaining the techniques that will help you develop the right tone. Once you have the lick down, practice along with Jody and the backing track to work on your timing.

Can a Scale Change Your Life?


There are lots of things that we learn in life that may be considered life-changing. Adrian Galysh learned a trick to alter the minor pentatonic scale that changed his whole approach to soloing. If you’ve been playing your minor pentatonic scale and feel that you’re in a rut with it, then maybe it’ll change your life too. Watch the video below to hear this concept in action or read the full article.

How to Combine Pentatonic Scale Patterns

As you work through the different positions of the pentatonic scale, you will notice that there are overlapping notes between two different positions. In a new lesson, Combining Pentatonic Patterns, Matthias Young will show you how to use slides to smoothly link the two patterns together while soloing. We’ll use the Em Pentatonic Scale at the 10th fret (Position 5) and 12 fret (Position 1) for this exercise. Knowing how the two scales can connect will give you more options while soloing. Watch the video to see this concept in action.

Learn a Beginner Country Guitar Lick

Our Basic Country Lick lesson will teach you how to play a simple lick over an A7 to D7 chord progression. The lick uses a mixture of double stops and single notes and focuses on hammer-ons and slides instead of more difficult bends. Jody will teach you how to play the lick with note by note instruction and then demonstrate it along with the rhythm track.