Learn a Country Rock Guitar Solo

Our new lesson by Jody Worrell will teach you how to play a Country Rock Guitar Solo over a D, C, and G progression. The solo will use a mixture of the D Major Pentatonic Scale along with chord tones. This solo was written in the style of Toy Caldwell and The Marshall Tucker Band. It’s an intermediate level piece that straddles the line of Country, Rock, and Southern Rock.

Working through the 12 bars, the solo will advance up the neck and use big bends to create a soaring climatic sound. Along the way, Jody will provide detailed instruction on how to play the solo correctly. You’ll learn special techniques like using your pick to mute the string at the top of a bend. Small tone choices like this will really help you define the sound of your lead playing.

Learn to Solo Like the Country Guitar Greats


Our Country Solos Lesson Package will teach you the twangy sound that legends like Vince Gill, Albert Lee, and more have used to create memorable guitar solos. A variety of bends, open strings, right hand technique and other concepts helped create this classic sound. Jody will teach you how to play six different solos with detailed instruction. You can then practice these solos over the included jam tracks to work on timing and even start creating your own licks.

Chord Based Country Guitar Licks

Jody Worrell has two new premium lessons available on playing country guitar licks that are built out of chords instead of scales. Chordal Licks 1 & 2 use a series of double stop riffs and arpeggios to create licks that would sound great in a country rock song or other ballads. Learn how to play the licks with detailed instruction and then practice along with the included rhythm tracks. You can watch the previews below and find out more lesson and order details here.

Beginner Country Solos

Jody Worrell has two new premium lessons on beginning to intermediate level country guitar solos.  Country soloing has come to be identified for it’s twangy sound.   One way to create that twang is to use double stops or playing two notes at the same time.  Using different scale intervals determines the sound of that double stop.  In Jody’s Easy Double Stop Country 1 we will use 6th intervals as the double stops in our riffs.  In the second lesson on this topic we will use thirds as the basis for our riffs. Both solos are taught in detail and then practiced over a backing track in the key of A.  Go to the lesson page for more details or check out the previews below to hear what the solos sound like.

Lesson 1 Demo:

Lesson 2 Demo: