Marshall Tucker Guitar Solo Lessons

Marshall Tucker Style Solos 1 & 2 are a new set of premium guitar lessons by Jody Worrell. We previously released a set of Easy Marshall Tucker Style Lessons but we’re stepping up the difficulty level a bit in these new lessons. In the new downloads, Jody teaches you 16 bar solos that are played over a progression of D-C-G-D. The solos are patterned after the style of Toy Caldwell who played lead guitar for the Marshall Tucker Band. Using chord tones and arpeggios, the solo outlines the chord changes while also creating a soaring melody. This live footage from 1973 features a performance of Can’t You See, one of the band’s biggest hits. You can hear Toy Caldwell’s playing style throughout the song with solos at 2:45, 3:53, and 5:27. Check out the lessons page for more information.

Marshall Tucker Guitar Solo

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