Guitar Calligrams – Cool Artsy Prints

Calligrams are apparently those cool designs (like below) where you arrange words to create a visual image. CalligramORama is a shop on that has a bunch of these. Most notably are the two designs by Joni James of an electric guitar and acoustic guitar. The shape of the guitar consists of stylistic guitar words like parts (sound hole, tuners, strings, bridge), terms (tremolo, distortion, harmonics), famous guitarists (Hendrix, SRV, Robin Trower), and brands (Fender, Martin, Ovation). For roughly $25 you can get a 5×7 printed image on an 8×10 matte shipped to you. However, this being, you could probably contact the owner and try to get them to create a shirt or larger poster possibly. Either way, it’s a interesting piece of guitar art for the studio or office.

Fender Stratocaster Artwork

Fender Stratocaster Calligraphy Art

Acoustic Guitar Word Art

Acoustic Guitar Poster Calligram

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