Making the Changes

“Making the Changes” is a jazz term that refers to improvisation that follows the changing chords of the progression. It’s not just noodling on your guitar. It’s going with the form of the song. Guy Fenocchi is in the process of creating a learning method for jazz guitar that will teach you how to “make the changes”. It’s a long process that has to start somewhere. Before you can learn how to solo, you need to understand the progression itself. In the first lesson, 2-5-1 Progression in Two Keys, Guy will tackle the rhythm part of the equation. You’ll learn how to play the 2-5-1 in C and F Major individually and consecutively. The lesson covers two sets of chord choices for each key that are in similar positions on the neck. The lesson contains three rhythm track for you to practice along with. Check out the lesson page or the demo below for more information.

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