Ask a Teacher: How Does Jody Get His Tone

Recently on the forum, someone asked Jody about his guitar tone in a free video. I wanted to let everyone else in on the answer. The video being referenced is posted below.

Question: Your tone in this clip just knocks me out. Is there any way to get that great sound (specifically the bridge pickup tone in the first minute of the vid) at bedroom, small practice amp levels? Practicing would be a lot more fun if I could hear that fat growling tone.

Jody: I did that shoot with a Peavy Classic 30 at a very reasonable volume….we don’t crank it in the studio because of bleed into the little clip-on mike for my voice. I dialed up the dirtiest sound (you can’t get dirtier with the volume and tone knobs of the guitar, just cleaner) with the pre-amp and master volumes on the amp, then all the other tones came from turning down the guitar! The Custom Shop NoCaster that I’m playing has a special (stock for that guitar) something-or-other in the wiring that allows you to retain high end as you turn down…..then if it’s too thin, you just roll off a little! Thanks for the interest, guys!!!!


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