Picking, Slapping, and Plucking

Over on FreeBassGuitarVideos.com we have free lessons on playing bass using the two finger plucking technique with your right hand as well creating a funky sound by playing slap bass. But there’s a third method that we haven’t covered yet. Using a pick or plectrum. If it’s something you thought about head over bassguitarblog.com for their post Plectrums – To Pick or Not? It’s a thoughtful post that’s followed by some great commentary by the readers:

“When I play with a pick it reminds me of when I used to use a bow to play double bass (upright bass) in an orchestra. I love the feel of the give and take of the pick against the string similar to how the bow felt each time it would grip the string in the short staccato notes or when scrubbing.”

photo by: cnraether

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