The Best Guitar Related Pumpkin Carvings

Why do a traditional Jack-O-Lantern when you can carve Jimi Hendrix or a Gibson headstock right into a giant gourd? We scoured the internet to find the best pumpkin carvings featuring guitarists and guitars. Some people have used stencils and expensive kits and others just free wheeled using their own artistic abilities. Hopefully next year I’ll start carving a Les Paul pumpkin early in October instead of thinking of it the night before.

Eddie Van Halen (via Van Halen News Desk)


Jimi Hendrix (from Youtube)


Stevie Ray Vaughan (via The Blue Bisquit)


Fender Logo (Flickr user mcmrbt


Gibson Guitars (source)


Randy Rhoads (photo: Norbini on Flickr Pattern: Stoney Kins


Cool Guitar Jewelry that Gives Back

My wife came home the other day wearing a necklace made from a guitar string (actually a bass string to be exact) and it really caught my eye.

Love Noose
Love Noose

Since this pendant was made from recycled strings, and since I have a lot of strings, I thought I could try my own hand at custom made guitar inspired accoutrements.  Let me reveal for the first time my new line of products…wait for it…Peter’s Purposeless Guitar Inspired Jewelry, or PPGIJ.  Whichever you prefer. I call this first piece Love Noose. Please keep in mind I didn’t have a professional photographer available so a white towel and my Canon Power Shot went to work.

Rabbit Trap
The Rabbit Trap

My second piece I call The Rabbit Trap.  The inspiration was this little…well let me stop there and say my childhood is riddled with horror stories.

When presenting these artifacts to my wife, who has always supported my creative endeavors, she told me wearing any of these would be the equivalent to running with scissors or playing with BB guns.  Artists are so misunderstood…

Let’s get back to our original creation. The designer is Abbie Chesney, founder of Eye on the Sparrow Designs, and she creates handmade jewelry from recycled strings. “Wearing one of her designs means you can hold on to a piece of a musician and carry it with you“.  Talking with Abbie, I found the story behind these pieces  intriguing and it was also part of my wife’s attraction to their jewelry.  It’s truly jewelry that has a heart and gives back.

The impulse to start this company came when the artist Carter Albrecht was tragically killed half way through a recording project.  Carter was best known for his work with Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians and was famously  supportive of  local musicians.  Looking for a way to continue in this tradition, the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation was formed and Eye on the Sparrow  has donated in a large way to their cause.  Besides buying a creative piece of  jewelry,  purchasing an  Eye on the Sparrow Designs means a donation is made to a charity.  Eye On the Sparrow has donated proceeds to music kickstarter campaigns helping fund musicians that might not otherwise have a chance, and more recently has donated to causes like Cystic Fibrosis and Brain Tumors.


It’s pretty hard not to like this stuff.  They have a great look and are so entirely original. If I didn’t have my own competing line (PPGIJ) I would buy from them for those reasons alone, so knowing that these folks are dedicated to giving back is an amazing bonus.  If you are liking these for yourself or your significant other and don’t for whatever reason want to wear something called The Rabbit Trap, look these folks up online.  You can find them on Facebook and  Etsy and they also have a website called where you can find more information. My wife found them on Etsy where there are many more pieces for men and women and all of them are undoubtedly  safer than mine.

So what do you think of guitar related jewelry?  Do you own any already?  I wonder how many people are attracted to jewelry like this that don’t actually play an instrument.  Don’t forget to Like and Share this blog …we want to share ideas like this with as many people as possible and maybe help raise money for some good causes.  Now I’ve got to get back to designing my third piece which has just come to me.  It’s called “Pull On My Gas Generating Mechanism”.


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