Brad Paisley on Using a String Bender Guitar

Shredding isn’t typically a word that is associated with Country Music, but guitarist Brad Paisley can definitely play in that fashion. In an interview with Guitar Center, Brad demonstrates a really cool modification he had done to his guitar, called a G-bender. This device is similar to the famous B-bender, but as one might assume, it bends the G string.

If you’re not familiar with how a B-bender works, it’s a device on the back of the guitar which connects to both the strap and the bridge. When the player pulls on the neck, the strap engages the mechanism which causes the B string to bend up a full step, emulating a pedal steel guitar. Howcast has a great video demonstrating the device. As you can tell from the Paisley video, this opens up a whole new set of opportunities for working bending sounds into chords and more advanced licks.

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Concert Review: SoloDuo

SoloDuo-Web-ImageOn Sunday, November 9th, seated in the midst of guitar aficionados within the circa-1900 Victor Hugo Kriegshaber house, the scene was set for a 19th-century parlor-style concert with two of the best guitarists in the world—Matteo Mela and Lorenzo Micheli.

From the Baroque sonatas of Scarlatti through 20th-Century Jolivet, SoloDuo displayed a truly virtuosic performance from the very first note.

As one of the main battles for guitarists is achieving pristine tone, Matteo and Lorenzo blended perfectly. One needed only to close their eyes, and the two guitars sounded as if they were one. The blending of sound between the two guitars was also quite remarkable as Lorenzo’s was a spruce top, while Matteo’s was Cedar.

To top off this spectacular performance, the basement of this historical house is home to the Wrecking Bar Brew Pub, which serves both amazing beer and food.

wreckingbarFeaturing a combination of stone and dark-stained wood, it provides the perfect “pub” atmosphere for those wanting good beer and good conversation. On a personal note, the pairing of their Jemmy Dean Breakfast Stout with their Wrecking Bar Burger was quite delicious.

Learn more about SoloDuo here, and download their latest album in iTunes.

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