Lessons the Music Industry Can Learn from TV

The-Daily-BeastEver heard that as a musician you have to give your stuff away or play for free in order to make it? Aside from that being a terrible business model, it’s following the opposite path of television. There have been some huge advances in television in the past decade from which the music industry can learn.

TV, which was once broadcast for free, has been using a highly-effective subscription model which has brought about a revolution of new content with top-notch production quality. The music industry, however, says to give away your music and make up for it in T-shirt sales. And with data-compression, the formats available for download or streaming are of lesser quality than CDs.

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Learn How to Practice a Beginner Guitar Chord Progression

We have three new guitar practice sessions that will teach the beginner how to go about learning a new chord progression. By breaking the progression down into isolated sections, you can make the whole process easier to learn. The progression you will learn features the D, Cadd9, and G chords.

In the first session, you will learn how to play the chords and change between them. The second video will cover making the chord changes in time. We’ll start with playing the chords for two beats, resting for two beats while you switch to the next chord, and then playing the new chord for two beats. As you practice along with the video, Peter will slowly speed things up until you are playing four beats per measure and making the changes in-between beats. Finally, in our last practice session we will add a strum pattern.

This is a detailed practice routine that you can apply to any new chord progression you want to tackle. Work on the chords, changes, and strum pattern separately before you try to put everything together. This will help you to isolate any problems you may be having.

Guitar Chord Progression

Deep Purple – Burn – Opening Lick Guitar Tab

This new video lesson by Matthias Young will teach you how to play the opening guitar lick to Burn by Deep Purple. The riff features some tricky pull-offs but is a ton of fun to play. Matthias will take you note by note through playing the lick and will then demonstrate along with a jam track. Watch the on-screen tab to get the hang of things. Check out our Ritchie Blackmore Style premium lessons to learn more.

Win a Zoom Q2 HD Video Recorder!


all4musician.com is offering a gear giveaway in which you can win a Zoom Q2 HD Handy Video Recorder.

From Zoom:

Want to live stream high quality audio and video from your gigs, special events and more? With the Q2HD, now you can stream your videos through your computer directly to the web. Simply connect your Q2HD to your computer via USB cable (included in the optional APQ-2HD accessory package) and start streaming like the pros. The Q2HD’s streaming function is compatible with Ustream Producer, Flash Media Live Encoder, Skype and other popular streaming applications. And it works wonders with premium programs such as Ustream Producer Pro or Studio. It’s never been easier to broadcast your movies on the web in real-time.

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$6000 Gear Giveaway from zZounds


zZounds is hosting a gear giveaway in which you can win an acoustic guitar rig worth $6,000!

From zZounds:

September is Folk Month at zZounds! …win an acoustic guitar rig that’s perfect for dusting off the old standards or busting out your newest originals.


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