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I’ve just downloaded my third premium download (Jed Clampett) of your excellent instructional series. I’ve been very impressed with your clear presentation, good tabs, content and ease of access and use.
I’m a beginner banjo player about your age (I checked your stuff on BanjoHangout..!!), and find your material about the best I’ve come across. I’m very pleased with my progress, however I’m a fiddle player, so maybe that helps..!! So thank you for the lessons so far, and well done..!!
Merimbula NSW

Hello Geoff,
My name is Alan and just this morning I viewed your online lessons - fantastic!  I'm starting to play the banjo at 53 years old, only because it's something that I've always wanted to do - I just finished flying ultralights prior to breeding exotic finches for 20 years (two other goals in my life that has been completed along with many others as the years pass, all while working a full time job!).  Your lessons are inspiring for someone starting so late in life to learn and play the banjo.  Anyone can learn something if they put their mind to it and work consistently regardless of how old they are - I wanted to thank you for your instruction style and thorough explanation for us beginners - very encouraging.

Thank you

just wanted to thank you for your site, found it last week and it is really helped my banjo playing. Passed it on to my brother so he can work on the mandolin 

Thanks again

Mike Miller

Geoff I recently purchased your DVD and Banjo Primer book and I have found it to be a big help in my struggle to master the Banjo. I'm taking it step by step and trying to soak it all in.  I have also enjoyed watching you on Youtube.  Thanks for all the valuable info and lessons that you have taken the time to write and put together.  

Darrell in Troy, Tennessee


I regularly purchase videos from you website. I find the banjo lessons fantastic, extremely motivating. I just wondered if Geoff Hohwald also organized jam sessions or courses.... Thanks 


Hi Geoff, I'd like to say thanks for the great books; I'm one of the 1,000,000 satisfied customers.  The DVD and books are well done and really encouraging.  My playing has come a long way and that's got everything to do with your instruction.  I hope there is a Songbook #2 in the offing.


There are several banjo teachers on the internet, but I found your lessons
to be very clear and enjoyable. I first downloaded free lessons, then bought
some, then bought more. I think I now own a very comprehensive course, for
the next several months.

I am 51, Israeli born (Parents of European origin), a physician (Geriatrician, in hospital), married + 4 and live in a kibbutz. From a young age I liked folk music and bluegrass. At the age of 17 I played guitar and banjo, and to learn banjo breaks I used to slow down my gramophone (I was an armature electronic technician then, and have built a special power supply for the purpose). I have reached medium level and didn't have anyone to play
with, the banjo was stolen and I abandoned the whole playing thing, but
still enjoyed listening to bluegrass and Irish music.

Now I am "grown up", have more spare time and my children are playing
guitar, and we have nice singing sessions at home. I bought a banjo again (I
found only a simple Chinese one, but it has a good sound), and now with your
excellent recorded lessons I hope to come to meaningful results.

Are you a professional banjo player and teacher, or you do it as a hobby?

Thanks very much, for your lessons and your interest. Perhaps some day I'll
send you a recorded family session.

Yours, Rony

Just a quick note to say that your banjo lessons are excellent.  I'm working my way through them all.  Keep up the good work!

Mr.. Hohwald:
Just though I would drop you a line to let you know how much the on line lessons have meant to me and how much they have made a difference in my life. I had always wanted to learn to play a banjo, I am sixty years old and several years ago my wife bought me a Hohner HB50 banjo.  I know that it is not the top of the line, but it plays well enough.   I just let it set there, until a short while ago, I ran across you free banjo lesson on wildwood flower. I have been practicing it and finally had a break through last night. I couldn't get the timing right on the first measure until last night.  Then, I couldn't put it down! I am probably running my wife crazy with the tune. I have also purchased your banjo primer book and CD but really haven't got very far into it yet. I plan to order the premium versions of wildwood flower and blackberry blossom.  Thank you very much and keep up the good work. I pray for you each morning.
Thanks again.

Mr Hohwald,
I have always been a fan of banjo music and two christmas's ago my wife bought me a banjo.  where i live there are no teachers for the banjo. i bought expensive teaching DVDs by trischka , seager etc but when viewing they were not for beginer's and i was soon completely lost and disheartened and the banjo just sat on its stand in the front room gathering cob webs.

By accident i found your site and listened and watched your free lessons. i have since purchased your beginers packages and found a new lease of music life. though i am at the raw stage i can pick it up play practise rolls, keep it in tune and then knock out a song .
i am impressed on your introduction to banjo the way the tabliture appears at the bottom of the screen. on some of your more advanced you have to print out the PDF. As a novice the tabs at the bottom are really helpful and wondered if other lessons could be the same.

Your method of teaching and the patient way in which you instruct is a credit to you sir. I only wish i had found your instruction before instead of wasting a year with out learning.

I really am enjoying learning with you and i just wanted to say thank you.


Have been using your lessons to learn how to play the banjo i am not up to speed on the tunes yet but it is getting better so i would like to thank you for the easy to use lessons and request a new melody.
get along now  gerald jones has an arrangement on it but i would rather use one from you.

Just wanted to say I bought the forward roll series off of the freebanjovideo site.

They are great! It's nice to have some technical practice as well as learning out of you primer. Do you have any camps coming up? I'd love to attend.

I'm looking forward (no pun intended) to the next roll series!

Jim Dempsey


I just discovered your excellent on-line videos. I picked up this instrument about 3 months ago (self-taught) and have been reasonably successful transitioning from folk fingerstyle guitar to bluegrass banjo. I am now working on getting my speed up. Up to now I've been playing in a vacuum with no exposure to how it should sound, until I discovered your on-line video.
Cordially, Robert

hey there!
i´m an austrian architecture student and got myself a banjo last month when i was in argentinia. that´s not much of your concern of course,- infact the only reason why i´m writing this mail is to cheer you my thourough thanks for putting your video banjo tutorials online! they´re really a great opportunity to get into the tune and offering them for free´s a wonderful thing to do. so to speak; thanks a lot and take care!
great playing!
best regards

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