Geoff's Favorite Licks

Geoff's Favorite Licks by Geoff Hohwald is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson designed to show you several useful and exciting licks that will energize and add interest to your playing. Each lick is explained in detail, showing you how to maximize tone and clarity. Geoff will then show you how to use these licks to improvise by slightly changing them or transposing them. Included are 5 arrangements to Little Maggie featuring down the neck licks, up the neck Licks, and chromatic Licks. The download features a Quicktime Video, a .pdf containing tablature, and 5 mp3 jam tracks of Little Maggie at different speeds featuring a full band to help you practice these new licks.

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Code: BJ5D
Length: 29 minutes
Size: 128.1 mb
Price: $5.99

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