Dueling Banjos

Dueling Banjos by Geoff Hohwald is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson for advanced beginners to intermediate players that will teach you how to play the banjo part for Dueling Banjos. We will break the song down into smaller segments and practice each of these segments at three speeds. You will also receive a .pdf file featuring the tab for lesson as well as two .mp3s to help you practice. The first audio track contains both the banjo and guitar playing Dueling Banjos. The second backing track contains just the guitar part with spaces for you to play the banjo part. Learn how to play one of the most famous and recognizable bluegrass songs ever written! $5.99

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Save $5.99 when you order the six lesson Classic Banjo Songs Package available as Download Lessons or Book/DVD

Code: BJ4D
Length: 32 minutes
Size: 398 mb
Version: 2.0

We also have a lesson covering the guitar tab for Dueling Banjos.

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