Melodic Style Banjo Lick 2

This free video lesson by Jim "Duck" Adkins will teach you how to play another fun and useful melodic style banjo lick. This lick can be incorporated into many songs or banjo breaks. If you enjoy this lick, be sure to check out Duck's Premium Download: Intro to Melodic Style Banjo.


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Featured Premium Download

banjo lessonIntro to Melodic Style Banjo by Jim "Duck" Adkins is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson which teaches the basic differences between Scruggs, Reno, and Melodic or "Keith Style" banjo playing. You'll learn a few important scales and licks to get you started in melodic style picking and then Duck will teach you 2 complete melodic style versions of the old favorite Cripple Creek. Then, you'll learn a fancy melodic style ending lick with you can use with many different songs. Your Premium Download also includes a PDF file featuring the tab for the lesson. $5.99

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