Basic Clawhammer Lick

Basic Clawhammer Lick by Brad Laird will teach you a beginner lick for clawhammer banjo. We'll focus on the rhythm and right hand technique that underpins almost everything you will play in clawhammer style. Brad will show you how to play down strokes with the nail of your index or middle finger. You will also use your thumb to pluck the fifth string. Watch the video to get the tab for the lick and more discusson on playing position and technique. For more detailed instruction, check out Brad's Beginning Clawhammer Package.

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banjo lessonThe Beginning Clawhammer Package by Brad Laird will teach you everything you need to know about playing clawhammer banjo. Clawhammer or "frailing" is an old-time Appalachian banjo style which predates the more common 3-finger Scruggs style. Experienced bluegrass players and beginners alike will enjoy learning the essential elements of playing the 5-string banjo in this interesting style. This series of video lessons will teach you basic concepts like reading tab, the G tuning, basic strums, hammer ons, pull offs, and other essential techniques. Brad will also teach you how to play Cripple Creek, Cumberland Gap, and Old Joe Clark. Each lesson includes a downloadable Quicktime video and a .pdf of the tabs. This package contains Lesson 1-Beginner Technique, 2-Basic Strums, 3-Fretted Notes, 4-Pull Offs, 5-Hammer Ons, and 6-Slides which together include 173 minutes of video instruction.

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