C Tuning Instructions

This free video lesson by Geoff Hohwald will teach you how to retune your banjo to "C Tuning." This tuning is used in many songs played in the key of C and is a refreshing change from the standard G tuning since you will now have a low C bass note underpinning your picking. For a good example of a tune which uses C Tuning try Home Sweet Home.

Watch the lesson: Quicktime or Flash


Here are the notes for each string in C Tuning:

  • 1st String - D (same as in normal G tuning)
  • 2nd String - B (same as in normal G tuning)
  • 3rd String - G (same as in normal G tuning)
  • 4th String - C (2 frets lower than in normal G tuning)
  • 5th String - G (same as in normal G tuning)


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