Intro to Sweep Picking

This free guitar lesson by Peter Vogl is on sweep picking, which is a way of playing arpeggios without using alternate picking. It allows for great speed and fluid playing. I'll use an E9 chord or G#m7b5 chord. It may be thought of either way. This is a very user friendly chord that makes it great for learning how to sweep pick.


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Let's start by learning the arpeggio

arpeggio tab

This is a great chord shape to use as an introduction. Start off by hammering on to the 14th fret. Then use a downward motion through the first note on the first string. Next use a upward motion and then pull off to the 10th fret. Now use an upward motion back to the fifth string. From here start all over again.

sweep picking tab

There are several small tricks to this technique. First, think of the first pick motion as a separate motion for the actual sweep. The same applies for first upward pick motion on the first string. Second, the sweep pick motion going downwards has a slight tilt of the pick downwards. The sweep upwards has a slight tilt of the pick upwards. Last, keep the sweep rhythmic. Fight the temptation to do this technique fast and sloppy. To be effective, it must be in rhythm.

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