Using a Chorus Pedal

In this video Guy Fenocchi will discuss and demonstrate how to use a chorus pedal. A chorus pedal takes the input signal from your guitar and mixes it with copies of itself. The resulting effect is like having multiple guitars playing the same note. Using the controls of the pedal it's possible to get wavier more far out sounds. You can use this effect when playing long sustained chords to provide atmosphere or when playing single note lines. Guy will provide an overiew of chorus pedals and walk you through the different controls.

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In this video Guy is using the Wampler Nirvana Chorus Pedal. Click here to watch a more in-depth review of this pedal with details on it's specifications and advantages over competitors.

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In the Style of Andy Summers by Guy Fenocchi will take a look at the mixture of jazz, pop, and rock that guitarist Andy Summers added to the Police. We'll focus on dark and eerie chord voicings paired with a 6/8 rhythm to create a unique chord progression. In addition to teaching you the progression, Guy will show you how to enhance this sound using a chorus pedal. The download includes a Quicktime video, an .mp3 jam track, and a .pdf of the tablature.

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