Minor Third Bends

Minor Third Bends by Peter Vogl is a free guitar lesson that will teach you how to play a minor third bend. Most bends played on a guitar are either half step bends (that sound one fret higher) or whole step bends (that sound two frets higher). A Minor Third Bend sounds like it's three frets higher than where it's being played. This is a harder bend to play, but with the correct technique, it can be accomplished. To learn a solo that incoporates this type of bend, check out Peter's All Along the Watchtower premium lessons.

Here is the bend we're going to play

minor third guitar bend

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all along the watchtower guitar tabAll Along the Watchtower by Peter Vogl is a video lesson on how to play lead guitar for the rock classic, All Along the Watchtower. We will learn Peter's interpretation of Jimi Hendrix's solo for the beginning of this song. The solo features minor 3rd bends, unison bends, use of the minor pentatonic scale, and the natural minor scale. After learning the solo, Peter will discuss different ways you can modify famous solos to give them your own personal feel and style. In addition to the tablature for the lesson, we've also included a rhythm jam track of the song so you can practice along. Watch a Preview