Mark Knopfler Style Guitar Lick

Mark Knopfler Style Lick by Jody Worrell is a free video lesson where you will learn a guitar lick in the style of Mark Knopfler. Knopfler's work with Dire Straits earned him a huge following because of his smooth and effortless style. Today's lick will be played over a jam track of an Am chord. For further learning, check out Jody's Mark Knopfler Premium Lessons.

Here is the tab for our Mark Knopfler style lick

mark knopfler guitar tab

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mark kopfler guitar lessonsMark Knopfler Style Solo in Am 1 by Jody Worrell is a downloadable Quicktime video that will teach you a 12 bar rock guitar solo. We'll learn a solo using Mark's clean and melodic sound. The solo is played over a progression of Am to G and follows the chord changes. Jody will take you step by step through the solo pointing out the Mark Knopfler style flourishes. The download also includes an .mp3 jam track and a .pdf of the tabs.

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