Old Rock Licks

Old Rock Licks is a free lesson video lesson by Peter Vogl that will teach you a couple of old Chuck Berry style standard rock licks in A. In the video we will use the backing track "old rock in A", which is track 14 from the Let's Jam! Blues and Rock CD. Most of these ideas stem from the minor pentatonic scale.


Watch the lesson: Quicktime or Flash



Let’s review the A Minor Pentatonic Scale.

a minor pentatonic scale

Here’s an old riff that Chuck Berry can probably take credit for but has been used in almost every genre of music.

lick 1

Here’s a variation on that same lick.

lick 2

Here’s an even harder variation of that same lick.

Now here’s one more old rock and roll lick.

Now let’s hear what these licks sound like in context with track 14 of the Let's Jam! Blues and Rock CD.

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