Am G F E Chord Subs

In this free rock guitar lesson by Peter Vogl we will learn how to play a basic rock chord progression using Am, G, F, and E. We will then learn several different versions of those same chords that we can use to add variety to our rhythm playing. In the video we will use the audio backing track "Am, G, F, E rock", which is track 12 from the Let's Jam! Blues and Rock CD. We will practice the basics of playing this chord progression and use some more colorful chords to play as well. Let’s begin with the most basic chord choices.

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During Track 12, each chord lasts for 4 beats. Try this strum pattern over each chord:

Down Down Up Down Up Down

basic chords

Understand that this is just one possible strum pattern that would work with this chord progression. You can vary this one or make up your own. Now let’s look at some chord substitutes or other chord colors.

colorful chords

Here is another variation of the same chord progression.

more chords

One last version of this chord progression would simply use power chords.

power chords

If you listen closely to Track 12, you will hear each one of these chords being used. Practice playing in time with the track. Try mixing up the different versions of the chords. Have fun.

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