Bm Jam Rhythm

In this free rock guitar lesson by Peter Vogl we will learn a couple new chords and rhythms to play. Then we'll learn a chordal riff we can use to spice up our rhythm playing. In the video we will use the audio backing track "Bm jam", which is track 11 from the Let's Jam! Blues and Rock CD.


Watch the lesson: Quicktime or Youtube



In this track we are using just two chords, Bm7 and E9. You must first learn these chords and then practice changing between them.

Now let's introduce a strum pattern for the tune. The strum pattern goes over 4 chord changes. Here is the whole pattern.

Bm7 | E9 Bm7 E9

Down Down Up Down Up Down Up Up Down Up Down Up Down Up

To make this easier to work on try working on it in two parts. The first two chords.

Bm7 E9
Down Down Up Down Up Down Up

And the second two chords.

Bm7 E9
Up Up Down Up Down up Down up

Here is a rhythmic riff to play during this track. It's a great deal more difficult, but a lot of fun to play. It is very reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan.


Try it at a slow speed, then practice it up to tempo, and then with Track 11.

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