More Guitar Tapping

In this free rock guitar lesson by Peter Vogl we will a more in depth look at guitar tapping. In an earlier video, we learned the basics of tapping, now lets get a little more complicated. Tapping and changing strings gets a hair more difficult. In the video we will use the backing track "funk in E", which is track 10 from the Let's Jam! Blues and Rock CD.


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Here's one way of tapping and changing strings. Once you learn the premise I’m sure you can come up with more. Start tapping at the 17th fret - 2nd string, pulling off to the 12 fret - 2nd string, and hammering on to the 15th fret - 2nd string.

more guitar tapping lick 1

Now we are going to change to the 3rd string. I end my first lick with a tap pull off to the 12th fret - 2nd string and then hammer on to the 14th fret - 3rd string with my left ring finger. Now tap with the right middle finger at the 16th fret, pulling off to the 12th fret - 3rd string.

The important string changing move is the hammer on with the left hand 3rd finger. Do not try to pick this note. Just hammer on and make it sound.

To go back to the 2nd string, hammer on with the pinky on the left hand at the 15th fret - 2nd string. Then tap with your right hand and pull off to the 12 fret - 2nd string. (view a larger image)

Let’s look at another scenario. We are going to stay on the same string, but move our left hand down the neck. Start in the same spot as before and slide the left hand down a fret. Here's the trick, the slide is executed while the right hand tap is still on the string. I am going to slide down one fret at a time until I reach the 9th and 12th fret with my left hand.

Now let’s hear these licks in context with track 10 of the Let's Jam! Blues and Rock CD. That’s our lesson on tapping for today. I hope you’ve learned some new tricks. My name is Peter Vogl and I will see you again soon.

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