G7 Scale and 6ths Intervals

G7 Scale and 6ths Intervals is a free lesson by Jody Worrell where we'll look at a G7 scale. But we're going to look at it a different way. We'll be playing intervals known as 6ths. We'll use these 6ths to create a lick that you can transpose and use other places around the neck. To learn more interesting ways to create rock guitar licks check out Jody's Rock Tools premium package.

Here is the tablature for the lick.

G7 scale 6ths tab

Now let's use this interval idea over a jam track to create a solo. The jam track goes from a G chord to an F chord to a C Chord. So we're going to adjust our scale along with the track. We'll try playing along to this over Track 3 (Beck and Forth in G) from Jody's Let's Jam! Blues & Rock Vol. 3. This is a versatile figure that we can use to play rhythm or as a solo.

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