Blues Turnarounds Guitar Lessons

The Blues Turnarounds Lesson Package by Jody Worrell, Peter Vogl, and Guy Fenocchi is a collection of downloadable video lessons that are designed to teach you a variety of blues turnarounds. A turnaround is played over the last two measures of a blues progression. From the simplest of chord changes to some pretty complicated formulas, the turnaround adds a great deal to the sound of the blues. You'll learn how to play turnarounds in different keys, picking styles, and even in the style of Eric Clapton. This package includes Turnarounds, More Turnarounds, Bb Blues Turnaround Licks, Turnaround Licks in A, Clapton Style Turnarounds and Ear Twisting Turnarounds in E. This package contains 130 minutes of video instruction and each lesson contains a Quicktime video and a .pdf of the tabs. $29.94 $24.95

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