Stevie Ray Style Guitar Lesson

Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Lick by Jody Worrell is a free guitar lesson where you will learn a blues guitar lick in the stye of the great Stevie Ray Vaughan. The lick is in Am and uses bends, vibrato, pull offs, and slides. Jody will teach you how to play the lick with note by note instruction. You'll learn specific technique ideas, like muting at the top of the bend, that will help you recreate Stevie Ray's tone. Use the video and tab together to get a good feel for how to play the lick correctly. After you've learned the lick, you'll have the opportunity to trade it back and forth with Jody along with the jam track. For more riffs and solos like this, check out our premium Stevie Ray Vaughan Lesson Package.

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stevie ray vaughan guitar lessonsThe Stevie Ray Vaughan Package by Jody Worrell will touch on the techniques and style that helped establish Stevie Ray Vaughan as a legitimate guitar hero. Jody will take you step by step through licks and solos teaching Stevie's approach to bends, slurs, hammer ons, pull offs, and note selection. After teaching you the lead parts, Jody will demonstrate them over a jam track. Each download also includes a .pdf of the tabs. This package contains 151 minutes of video instruction.

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