Slow Blues Lick

Slow Blues Lick by Jody Worrell is a free blues guitar lesson that will teach you a lick to play over the first four bars of a blues song in D. Jody will take you step by step through the lick making sure you understand how to play it correctly. We'll focus on specifics (precises bends, letting notes ring vs. separation) to ensure we create the right tone. After learning the lick, you'll have the opportunity to practice it along with Jody and a rhythm track. To learn more, check out our premium Jody's Slow Blues Solos premium lessons.


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slow blues guitar lessonJody's Slow Blues Solo 1 by Jody Worrell will teach you how to play an original 12 bar solo in the key of D. When soloing over a slow blues, note selection takes an even more important role in your playing. In this lesson, Jody will discuss the theory behind his note selections in addition to teaching you proper technique. The download features a Quicktime video, a .pdf of the tabs, and .mp3 jam tracks.

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