Pride and Joy Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Pride and Joy Rhythm by Jody Worrell is a free blues guitar lesson that will teach you a rhythm part for this classic Stevie Ray Vaughan song. Jody will teach you how to play riffs and chords over this backing track from the Let's Jam! Blues Standards. In addition to explaining the written tab, Jody will also show you how to alter the parts and make the piece your own. You can learn more blues rhythm ideas by checking out the three volume Blues Standards Rhythm Lesson series.

pride and joy lesson

Here is the rhythm guitar tab for Pride & Joy (printable version)

pride and joy guitar tab

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blues standards rhythm lessonBlues Standards Rhythm Lesson 1 by Jody Worrell will teach you to play rhythm guitar parts for three songs from his Let's Jam! Blues Standards collection. In this video you will learn how to play along with Cold Shot, The Thrill is Gone, and Baby Please Don't Go. Jody will teach you right hand strumming techniques and left hand muting techniques to create a great rhythm sound. We'll practice these concepts along with 90 second sample tracks from the album. The download includes a Quicktime video, a .pdf of the chords charts and patterns, and the .mp3 sample tracks. Watch a Preview