Muddy Waters Style Guitar Lick

Muddy Waters Style Lick is a free online guitar lesson by Guy Fenocchi that will teach you a Mississippi Delta style blues lick. This riff is based on an E chord and can be played with a pick or by fingerpicking. This type of riff has become a staple for all guitar players and has been adapted from blues to rock by guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Angus Young. To learn more licks like this, check out Guy's In the Style of Muddy Waters premium lesson.

Here is the tab for our Muddy Waters style lick

muddy waters guitar tab

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muddy waters guitar lessonIn the Style of Muddy Waters by Guy Fenocchi is a downloadable Quicktime video lesson covering Mississippi Delta style blues guitar. You'll learn a lead part with a hypnotic triplet feel that can be played over a 12 bar blues. Guy will teach you how to play each lick in detail with discussion on using a hybrid right hand picking technique. The download also includes a .pdf with the tabs for this lesson.

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