Melodic Blues Licks

Melodic Blues Licks by Jody Worrell is a free video guitar lesson that will teach you how to play over a G7 to B7 chord progression. These slower melodic licks have a different feel and really outline the chord changes. For each lick, Jody will discuss the proper technique and any music theory that applies. You will then have the opportunity to practice each lick over a looped rhythm track of G7 and B7. This is a modified track featuring the first two chords from "Dipstick Blues" on the Let's Jam! Blues & Rock Vol. 3. To learn more about these concepts, check out Jody's Melodic Blues Solo premium lessons.


Downloadable Tab | G7 B7 jam track

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Further Learning

melodic blues solo tabMelodic Blues Solos by Jody Worrell is a downloadable video lesson that will teach you two solos covering a full blues progression in the key of G. These solos focus more on melody than technique and have a great sound. Jody will break down each 16 bar solo into easy to learn segments of 4 measures each. We'll cover how to play each segment in detail and then practice it over a jam track. The download includes 58 minutes of Quicktime video instruction, mp3 jam tracks, and pdfs of the tabs.

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