E Blues Intros & Endings

E Blues Intros & Endings by Jody Worrell is a free guitar lesson that will teach you some very useful blues guitar licks that have a dual purpose. With a little bit of adjustment, these licks can be used to start off or end a blues tune in the key of E. We'll learn each lick as an intro and an outro. Mixing and matching these licks will give your blues playing some real strong takeoffs and landings. Watch the video to see the tab for each lick and get some tips on when and where you can use these licks. To learn more, check out Jody's Blues Standards lesson package.

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blues standards lessonsThe Blues Standards Lesson Package by Jody Worrell is a series of downloadable video lessons that will teach you about blues guitar soloing. Each of the lessons is taught over a track from the Let's Jam! Blues Standards collection. This package will teach you solos over Pride and Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Roadhouse Solos 1 & 2), Albert King's Crosscut Saw, and the widely covered It Hurts Me Too. In each lesson, Jody will provide step by step instruction on how to play the solo making sure you understand both technique and theory. The solo will then be demonstrated with the rhythm track and you'll have the opportunity to play along and work on timing. Each lesson inclues a Quicktime video, .mp3 jam tracks, and a .pdf of the tabs. This package contains 116 minutes of video instruction.

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