Clapton Style Lesson Package

The Eric Clapton Style Lesson Package by Jody Worrell is a series of downloadable video lessons where you will learn how to play like Eric Clapton. Jody will cover some of the techniques, tricks, and note choices that Clapton has used to create his classic sound. In each lesson, Jody will teach you the licks and solos with note by note instruction. You'll then have the opportunity to practice along with a jam track. The included lessons are Classic Clapton Licks 1 and 2, Eric Clapton Style Solo 1 and 2, and Clapton Style Solo in C Part 1 and 2. Each lesson features a Quicktime video, a .pdf of the tabs, and an .mp3 jam track. This package contains 159 minutes of video instruction. $35.94 $29.95

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This lesson package is also available as a DVD and Book.