C7 F9 Chords

C7 F9 Chords is a free blues guitar video lesson by Jody Worrell where we will focus on playing blues rhythm guitar. We're going to learn up the neck positions for playing the C7 and F9 chords. Being able to play chords at multiple places on the neck enables you to smoothly transition from a lead part to rhythm playing because your hands don't have to move as far. We'll play these chords over the jam track "Over the Weather in C" which is track 6 from the Let's Jam! Blues & Rock Vol. 3. To learn more rhythm guitar basics, check out Jody's C7 F7 Blues Rhythm premium lesson.

Here are the chords charts for this lesson

C7 F9 chord chart

Now let's look at the chord progression we're going to play

C7 F9 Guitar Chord Progression

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C7 F7 Blues Rhythm LessonC7 F7 Blues Rhythm by Jody Worrell is a downloadable guitar lesson that will teach you some different rhythm approaches to a blues chord progression. The lesson will cover a variety of different chords that you can use as substitutes. Learning chords at several places on the neck will add variety to a progression, allow you to play different licks, and enable you to make smooth transitions. The download includes a Quicktime video, .mp3 jam track, and a .pdf of the chord charts.

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